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Defense Contractor Attempts To Conceal Advanced Weaponry

Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Slider | 0 comments

UPDATE: The page pertaining to the “Projected Scalable Water Jet” reappeared on ARA’s website (, and the web archive’s earliest recording of its appearance is December 11, 2009. This means that this page was not available for over a year between July 5, 2008 and December 11, 2009. ARA also has modified certain information on the page, changing Los Alamos National Laboraty (LANL) to “the customer,” and any other mention of LANL was removed. Could they be attempting to protect their customer in this case? Albuquerque, NM (VN) – Meet Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA), a leading international defense contractor that works with governmental and corporate bodies across the world, including the United States government’s Department of Defense (DoD). This company serves many purposes for government, including weapons testing, development and manufacturing, as well as psychological operations. ARA has...

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